Turn CRM Power into World Class Customer Intel

Dataplant integration with Salesforce revolutionizes CRM capabilities, enhancing data analytics and customer insights for strategic sales growth.

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Google Drive

Seamless Data, Streamlined Insights

Integrating Google Drive with Dataplant simplifies data handling and boosts analytical potential, turning spreadsheets into strategic assets.

  • Import CSV's
  • Leverage Google Sheets
  • Process .XLS files
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Customer Success, Supercharged

Dataplant and Gainsight integration elevates customer success management with enhanced data interpretation and action-oriented insights.

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Amazon S3 Uploads

Store Smart, Analyze Smarter

Save time and effort by getting AI-generated insights breakdowns in an easy-to-read format on any chart of insight you see.

Arm every question with the power of an AI agent that can summarize any chart or insight that you favorite.

Let your curiosity mind lead the way and have a live discussion with Dataplant about any chart or insight you see.

In real life stuff happens. Leverage the built in LLM model called Success GPT to edit and ask following questions to prompts