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Active Learning is a game-changer for CS!

Dataplant learns from your data as you use it and gets smarter at helping you increase revenue and mitigate churn. Never build a report or create automation rules again.

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Generative AI

Unprecedented Insight Generation

This is AI applied on a level never seen before. Dataplant creates what your team needs the most automatically. Account profiles, detailed success plans, and more:

  • Suggested Dashboards
  • ML Powered Health Scorecards
  • Churn and Expansion Opportunities
  • Peer/Cohort Performance Comparisons
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All of the charts are downloadable. If there are data anomalies, it is super easy to notice them, export, and troubleshoot for cleanup. Dataplant will also auto-generate action cards for you to follow and get more value out of your data. If you need extra help, you can always reach out and work with our team.

Suppose you are not tracking data historically or do not have much data. Now is the time to start. Dataplant auto snapshots and saves a history of your data. Allow you to get trend insights the longer you use it. If you have limited data, the Ai analyses ways to augment that data and gives you notifications of opportunities to improve.

You can integrate and embed Dataplant in your CRM within minutes. If unable to integrate directly, there are multiple ways to extract the insights from Dataplant and load them into any other system or platform. You can sync any charts you see throughout the application to another object. Or export to CSV. You can then load that CSV file into any tool or platform that accepts CSV imports.

Dataplant pairs nicely with most other customer success tools. From Gainsight to Totango to Churn Zero, data integration can either be setup to pull data automatically via our native plugins or be manually integrated using batch export to CSV features.

Dataplant auto-generates insights in minutes, which takes even the most seasoned customer success administrators weeks to build. Once your data is loaded and integrated, all you have to do is click the run training button, and Dataplant goes to work auto-creating all of the insights you need to run your business.