Achieve your Client Goals with Clarity and Ease

Get Suggested Success Plans to Achieve Goals

Many customer success teams have trouble proactively driving outcomes for their clients due to a lack of data-driven goal setting and tracking. CS professionals may set goals, but these goals are often not integrated into their standard CS tools, but instead are kept in different formats like powerpoint, excel or meeting notes. Dataplant's Goal Setting feature addresses this by allowing you to set targets for any metric or KPI and get AI generated insights and suggestions to acheive them.

The Value

  • Set Clear Targets for Success
  • Get Suggestions on Goal Attainment
  • Eliminate surprise missess
  • Drive success with less uncertainty

How It Works

Once a goal is set, Dataplant will continuously monitor the progress towards achieving that goal and provide automated suggestions on how to reach it. The system also examines patterns of success across other accounts and generates dashboards to display performance metrics. These dashboards can be used to monitor the progress of the goals in real-time and help your entire team make better data-driven decisions.