Delivering data science consulting for customer success teams of both startups and large enterprises has taught us many things. We noticed that although the data structures and BI tools may be totally different, both startups and enterprise clients face the same challenges implementing customer success initiatives in a data driven way. In fact the core pillars of what makes some organizations more advanced than others depends on how well they master a set of core cognitive business functions.


We have packaged tools and services to help enable companies to build or improve these core cognitive functions. We call these solution seeds. Each of the individual seeds are comprised of up to four core components. These components are combined in different ways to build more data driven customer success processes. See our awesome work here or take the free seed assessment below to see what growth opportunties you can capitalize on today.


Name Description Seeds
FOUNDATION Plant seeds that grow into a solid foundation for improved visibility and reaction times One
SCORECARDS+ Plant seeds that improve the effectiveness of your teams actions and workflows Two
PREDICTIVE Plant seeds that improve your teams ability to predict outcomes and influence them Three


Name Description

Tech Touch Optimization

Capitalize on the power of big data and find out what interactions are having the biggest impact on the outcomes achieved by your tech touch customer segments and optimize them.

Data Discovery

Conducting a data discovery to determine the drivers of customer outcomes, empowers automation by distilling confidence in your workflows and methodologies.

Data Science

Need a dedicated partner to drive for you or enable your internal teams to deliver across a range of advanced analytics goals? Sign up to work on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Name Description

Account Scorecards+ Workshop

Evaluate the effectiveness of scorecards objectively and optimize your workflows around the areas that have the biggest impact on customer outcomes

Hypothesis Testing

Test the business assumptions known to be true from gut feel or practical experience for measures not already included in your current evaluation of customer health.


Name Description

Data Maturity Assessment

Identify the key drivers of outcomes by evaluating the current landscape of data sources available vs best practice, and translating those quantitative findings into an actionable roadmap of business implications & Gainsight configurations.



Data Science Meets Customer Success

We are the only Gainsight Data Science Partner founded to deliver machine learning and predictive analytics solutions for customer success organizations. We empower teams to better segment, identify and build automation around client outcomes. Whether you need to create a strong health scorecard framework from scratch, or want to test current assumptions and processes for ways to improve. We are your partner!

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